8 Reasons Being a Twin Doesn’t Suck

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me they always wanted to be a twin. I never really understood why they would want someone in their business and have to share things 24/7. Heck, you never even get a solo birthday. But, if I pause and think about it, I quickly remember that there are LOTS of things about being a twin that don’t suck at all. 

#1. You have a built-in study buddy

There is the age-old debate about splitting up twins or keeping them in the same class. But when it comes to studying with your twin, your teacher likely matters very little. The subject matter and homework will be similar through at least 6th grade and potentially clear through high school or even college depending on your major.  Court and I could help one another on our homework if we got stuck and could even compare our answers at night instead of waiting to check our answers with friends before class like the singletons had to.

#2. You have someone to help you remember things

As we have gotten older, this has definitely become more beneficial.  As kids we could remind each other about homework assignments or team dinners. As young adults, I could remind Courtney about when it was time for her dentist appointment or annual physical. But now that we are both busy moms, and often lose track of what day it is, we can shoot each other a reminder text about birthdays, anniversaries, or upcoming weekend plans.

#3. You have a bigger wardrobe for the same budget.

Obviously, this probably works best for twins of the same gender, but depending on your sizes, certain clothes like T-shirts and sweatshirts are gender neutral. Courtney and I were probably in 3rd grade before we realized this benefit.  We were school shopping with mom and were arguing about which shirts we wanted.  My mom stopped us and said something like, ‘You guys don’t have to match. In fact, you if you buy different clothes and share, you will have twice as many.’ I’m not sure why we hadn’t thought of that sooner. From there on out, we mostly bought different clothes. Usually, sharing clothes worked in Courtney’s favor, but she’s gotten marginally better at shopping as an adult. I even got to keep some of her business clothes for about 6 months while she was pregnant.

#4. You will always get over your fights.

Courtney and I have fought over all sorts of things, big and small.  I’m sure that as kids, it resembled the fights my girls have over who is looking at who, who doesn’t want to play the right way, who put the sticker in the wrong place on the paper, or a bazillion other things that don’t matter.  But we also had bigger fights that involved hurt feelings, angry words, tears, and distance.  Sometimes things would blow over in a matter of minutes and sometimes we would need a few days to come to our senses.  That space would allow us to see it from the other one’s perspective or allow us to agree to disagree. The important thing is that no matter how bad a fight gets; you know that you will always love each other.  

#5 You have someone that will be brutally honest with you

As kids this often looks like tattling. Later, it becomes more meaningful. Your twin is someone that can be brutally honest with you, call it like it is, and tell you the hard stuff.  Courtney told me to break up with someone on more than one occasion. She also told me when I need to be nicer, when I should get my butt back to church, and when I was picking fights that weren’t worth picking. She was always great at playing devil’s advocate and helping me work through life’s various obstacles.

#6. You have a friendly competitor

This was helpful in all types of settings. We would compete for the best scores on tests as we pushed each other to do our best. We would compete on the court, even though she was generally better. We would even have friendly competitions when it came to how quickly we could get our chores done. 

#7. You get to share birthday celebrations

I know that above I said sharing a birthday was kind of a drag, but it’s not that bad. In fact, the first birthday I had to spend apart from her was our 22nd.  I was doing a summer pharmacy rotation and despite my aunts best efforts, it just felt kind of weird. Two years later, I was in Peru on another rotation. I was with some of my dearest friends, experiencing a new culture, and having the time of my life, but I still cried. It just didn’t feel like a birthday without her.

#8. You have a built in #1 fan

This is truly the best reason of all!  You and your twin won’t agree on everything, but you will always care about one another and want what’s best for them.  Sometimes that may be cheering for them from the sidelines, hugging them after a rough breakup, encouraging them before a test, or checking in on them to see how they are REALLY doing.

While I can’t understand what it’s like to not have a twin, and part of me thinks people are silly to want one, I am definitely grateful for mine!  I hope you are thankful for your twin too.


I’d love to hear what some of your favorite ‘twin-efits’ are. Comment below! 

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