A Four Gift Christmas

I love EVERYTHING about Christmas! I love the trees, the lights, and the baking. I even love the little things like the sound of jingle bells, the smell of fresh wreaths, and the friendly hellos of strangers. Knowing this, you shouldn’t be surprised that I also find enormous amounts of joy in Christmas shopping and giving gifts. I usually spend too much and have been known to buy gifts so far in advance that I forget about them and buy more.  But this year, I am doing it different.

I have decided that we will only be getting the girls four presents each.  Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. This idea caught my eye years ago on Pinterest and we look forward to instituting it in the Bryan household this season. This feels like more than enough, especially considering they will still get a stocking from Santa, pajamas from the elves, and a little something from Papa, Grandma, and their Aunts & Uncles.

My hope is that this will give them the excitement of presents as they will be able to see them shimmering in the glow of the Christmas tree. I also hope that it will be less overwhelming and not distract from all the other wonderful things about the holidays, like giving to others, baking and spending time with loved ones.

Read on if you want a sneak peek at their presents.  If you know them, just don’t spill the beans.

Something they want: 

Now that the girls are 3, they are starting to get to the point that they notice things in the stores that they feel they just can’t live without.  They will point to things, ask me to buy it, or even try to sneak it in the cart and see if I notice. But their eyes really lit up when they saw these unicorn Cabbage Patch dolls at Costco.  It was only $20 for a 3 pack which is perfect because not only does that give them each a present; I will have one left over for their friend’s birthday. I can simply pair it with one of our favorite books, Never Let a Unicorn Scribble by Diane Alber and I will have the perfect gift. 

Something they need:

With winter and hopefully snow right around the corner, I picked up these nice warm mittens from Costco for $10 each. Definitely something we will need.


Something to wear:

Queue an online Target shopping spree. If I shop online, I spend less money, and I know that I can always count on Cat & Jack for durable, soft and adorable sweatshirts. The gold shimmer on these ‘Always be Kind’ sweatshirt jumped out at me and they were only $8 each. 

Last but not least, something to read:

I enjoy finding new cute books for the girls to read, learn from and expand their imagination. Target was having a sale so for about $12 I picked up these two. One is My Lucky Day which is a cute story about a witty pig and a wolf. The second Diary of a Wombat which is a cute tale about a pesky wombat told from his perspective. I like that it shows a different point of view and teaches days of the week. I don’t think these books necessarily make my top 25 children’s book list, but they are cute nevertheless. 

There you have it. All my Christmas shopping for the girls is out of the way for only about $30 each. This 4 gift Christmas helped keep me on track, was fun, and made me think about getting specific items as opposed to shopping for whatever catches my eye. I definitely recommend it if you aren’t sure what to get your kids this Christmas. 

Thanks for reading and best wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season.

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