About Me

​Twins seem to be a bit of a mystery to much of the world, but I know no different.  I was born an identical twin and then got dumped into the deep-end of motherhood with identical twins of my own.

My name is Crystal and I grew up getting asked, ‘What’s it like to be a twin?’  It wasn’t something I spent much time thinking about, it’s just the way it was. I had a twin sister that looked like me and could drive me crazy, but I also had a friend, study buddy, teammate, and confidant. At the age of 28, at 8 weeks gestation, I saw these 2 little ‘blobs’ (a loving nickname I promise) and realized life was about TWO change (pun intended)!

Being a Twin Momma is an absolute blessing but it comes with its share of challenges too, like getting out the door on time!  Twin with Twins blog is here to give you an inside view to all of my twin adventures, from being a twin to being the mother of them. While, I obviously hope that this blog helps encourage, support, and provide a chuckle to other parents of multiples, there will be content for everyone.  Let’s face it, parenting is tough and we all need to band together for support because some things, like potty training, are anxiety-provoking no matter how many children you have.  And if you aren’t a twin, a parent of multiples, or even a parent; you are welcome too.  It seems like most everyone has some level of curiosity about what it’s truly like.

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