Funny Moment Friday

This is where I will share short funny moments from my own twins. I would also LOVE to share funny stories from your multiples.  Anything is fair game, just send me a message below for a chance to put a smile on the face of twin parents everywhere! 

Twin Problems

Kinley & Chloe turned on their bedroom lamp after bedtime.  I got on the monitor and said, ‘Hey girls, it’s time for bed, please turn off the light’.  Kinley responded, ‘But mom how will we know who is who?’ I guess maybe it is harder to tell in the dark!

Mommy’s Girls

It was my birthday yesterday, so I picked a special Funny Moment to share today.  One evening I overheard my husband ask the girls, “Hey girls, why do you give me a hard time and not your mom?” My heart got a little fuzzy when I heard Chloe say, “Because she’s the best!”

It’s a Long Bike Ride

Last fall I went on a long bike ride with my folks and towed the girls in a bike trailer.  I was working hard pulling them up a hill when Kinley said, ‘Mommy, my legs hurt.’  I said, “From what?’  And she responded, ‘From biking so fast!’ 

Birthday Card

This Funny Moment Friday is dedicated to Farmer who celebrated another big one a couple days ago. Before his birthday, I was asking him what kind of cake he wanted and a few other plans when Kinley interrupted.  K: Daddy, Daddy! What do you want special for you birthday?  D: I just want happy girls …

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Zoom Call

Most of us have done our fair share of virtual Zoom meetings by this time, but yesterday was Kinley and Chloe’s first Zoom call.  They love to FaceTime, so I thought that they would get the concept and enjoy seeing all of their old friends from preschool. I was half right.  Chloe got excited as …

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Swing Swing

Kinley was pushing Chloe on the swing and pretending to be her Mommy.   The problem started when Chloe got mad about being called a baby and started fake crying as she said, ‘I don’t wanna be a baby.’  Kinley paid no mind, kept pushing her and said, ‘Well you sound like a baby’

You Must Be REALLY Sick

I am guessing that a week into widespread quarantine there are lots of kids that are tired of cleaning up. Let’s hear all the excuses you’ve heard.  Here is one of my favorites from my own kiddo. “I can’t pick up my toys because I’m sooooo sick my toe hurts”