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Mother’s Day is coming so there is no better time to celebrate the woman you are! And I’m not just talking about celebrating by doing a face mask or enjoying a glass of wine.  I mean REALLY celebrate WHO you are and ALL the things you love about yourself. What are the things you love about your personality? What about your body? I hope that all sorts of wonderful things come to mind when you ask yourself these questions but I also know that it can be easy to get distracted by what we don’t love as much. 

I recently read ‘You Deserve to Love Your Body, Period’ which was written by one of my favorite twin mom bloggers. I often think about body positivity and the messages I send to my daughters.  I know that the way I talk about myself and the things that I do matter, but Lynneah’s recent blog post made me dig in and think about it again.  She started her post with a challenge to sit down and write 5 things you love about your body.  I didn’t actually write because, as usual, I was multitasking and didn’t have a pen handy; but I paused to think about it.  I came up with 5, but I can’t deny that I also thought about the ones I couldn’t honestly say.  It really bugged me.  I wanted so badly to say, I have accepted my stretch marks, I’m proud of my tummy pooch and I love my diastasis recti; but I don’t.  I have mostly accepted these ‘imperfections’, but love still feels like a strong word for my biggest insecurities.


In her article Lynneah recounts some of her painful memories from elementary school, middle school and high school and then she wrote, “Looking back, I wish I could tell that girl that she is stunning. That she is more than the scale. More than the size. More than being able to shop at trendy teen stores. She is worthy of the space she takes up and more than that, worthy of living her life despite the media’s examples of what is beautiful and what is not.” That is so powerful! I hope my little girls will know to their core that they are stunning, beautiful and worthy. I also hope this for you and for me. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as thinking it one time. It takes, time and intentional effort to retrain our brains.  We have likely been fed lies for years and it will take work to rewire it, but it is possible. If we start with ourselves, even one small step at a time; we can potentially even teach our daughters to think differently too. Lynneah shares 5 realizations that have helped her accept and appreciate her body and I encourage you to go check them out. My favorite is #3. ‘Realize your time is better spent.  Would you rather spend your time hating yourself, or living your life? I promise one of them will bring you so much more happiness. Dance, play, sing! Your body does not hold you back from living your life. Spending the time discriminating yourself, however, does.’ 

This Mother’s Day, let’s start to love ourselves a little more each day. Let’s start telling ourselves daily positive affirmations. Let’s focus on health instead of some arbitrary goal weight. Let’s care more about the experiences than insecurities about our pooch. Let’s put on shorts and play with our kids. Our thighs may jiggle, but the memories will last long after they are tucked back into their favorite pair of black yoga pants. And someday, little by little, I hope that we no longer have to question if we are ‘good enough’, because we absolutely are!

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  1. This is also great, it’s so important to love yourself. My body is not perfect but it has and can do amazing things. It’s also important tomorrow for your children how you want them to see their own bodies.

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