Creating a Nursery for Two

In part 3 of this series we talked about sharing the news about TWINS! You might think that I am jumping months ahead to creating our nursery, but I had to channel Farmer’s excitement somehow!  He was beaming ear to ear and 30 more weeks seemed like an eternity to him. To keep himself occupied and busy during a dreary/rainy Pacific Northwest winter, he put himself to work creating our dream nursery that very weekend. 

Because we had decided not to find out the gender, we didn’t have to wait to decorate until 20 weeks like many couples do.  I had some ideas for a simple grey & white gender-neutral nursery, but after spending a little bit of time on Pinterest, Farmer got some ideas. We wanted it to be clean and to be able to transition from a nursery to a big kid room or even back to a guest room.   What I thought would be a fresh coat of paint and some bookshelves, soon evolved into a project that included a white-washed pallet wall, wainscoting, a chair rail, and crown molding.

As much as I genuinely despise long trips to Home Depot, this was one I looked forward to.  I went with him to pick out materials and colors.  I measured the wall and figured out how to cut/stagger each board for the desired look, and farmer got to work on the rest of it.  Not only did I avoid the paint fumes due to my pregnancy status, it usually just works out better that way.  Farmer and I have different project management strategies, and he’s sometimes better off without my opinions. 

Farmer started by staining the boards grey. To make it simple we bought cedar planks instead of tearing apart actual pallets but the end result was similar.  After he had them stained, he mixed white paint with water to give them a white-washed look with more dimension. Because the boards were all different lengths he wouldn’t be able to secure everything to studs so the first part of the project was to add 1×1” supports across the length of the wall so that the planks could be secured no matter their length.  If this was a true D.I.Y. post I would tell you to start at the bottom and work to the top to ensure that everything stays level and smooth from top to bottom.  But there are outlets near the bottom of the wall, and Farmer was anxious to see progress so he started right in the middle of the wall. (See, I told you we had different ways of doing projects).  He used a level to make sure things would mesh up and be level at the top and bottom.

Once the wall was done Farmer painted the top half of the remaining walls grey so that he didn’t have to worry about dripping on the wainscoting.  The wainscoting actually turned into a bigger pain than anticipated because working around the corners proved to be a little tricky.  I don’t know exactly how he did it, but with a few choice words and some effort he made it come together.  Lastly, he added all the molding.  It was WAY better than I had even dreamed.  I don’t remember exactly how long all of this construction took, but it took a few weeks because he was doing it himself, he still worked full time and was simultaneously cleaning out his dad’s estate and selling things on eBay. That first trimester, I slept a lot and he was doing enough work for the both of us!  I am pretty sure I never thanked him enough for all he did, so I will do it publicly here.  Thanks babe from the bottom of my heart for making this room come together so perfectly and for working so hard to get everything in order before our little bundles arrived.

Once all his carpentry and heavy lifting was done, I got to do the fun stuff! I added the Ikea wall bookshelves and ordered the cribs and dresser.  The theme we chose was ‘You are my Sunshine’, so it was white and grey with pops of yellow and gold.  We also incorporated clouds, stars and moons because they are cute and I wanted it to be a little eclectic. We chose these cribs and this dresser from Amazon, this rocking chair on WayFair, and a gold lamp and end table at Target. The sheets were just grey and white, so we added a golden yellow rug, some cute pillows, and some golden frames for color. They my crafty mom & I made the mobiles and a cloud bunting.  After all those little details were in place I deemed it mostly ready for the babies.  The only thing I planned to add after they were born was the letters of their first names to the front of their cribs.  It would be just enough coral or navy to make it a little gender specific without being over the top. Plus, I wouldn’t have to worry about any major decorating while being sleep deprived once the babes arrived.

And that’s about it.  A few steps, a lot of hard work, and a bunch of love to our perfect gender-neutral twin nursery.  I’d love to hear what you think, please comment below and show some love!

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