This is where I will share short funny moments from my own twins. I would also LOVE to share funny stories from your multiples. Anything is fair game, just send me a message for a chance to put a smile on the face of twin parents everywhere!

Twin Problems

Kinley & Chloe turned on their bedroom lamp after bedtime.  I got on the monitor and said, ‘Hey girls, it’s time for bed, please turn...

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Mommy’s Girls

It was my birthday yesterday, so I picked a special Funny Moment to share today.  One evening I overheard my husband ask the girls, “Hey...

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Birthday Card

This Funny Moment Friday is dedicated to Farmer who celebrated another big one a couple days ago. Before his birthday, I was asking him what...

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Zoom Call

Most of us have done our fair share of virtual Zoom meetings by this time, but yesterday was Kinley and Chloe’s first Zoom call.  They...

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First Things First

A couple weeks ago we were walking to the high school so we could get some exercise and vitamin D. The girls were asking if...

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Swing Swing

Kinley was pushing Chloe on the swing and pretending to be her Mommy.   The problem started when Chloe got mad about being called a baby...

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You Must Be REALLY Sick

I am guessing that a week into widespread quarantine there are lots of kids that are tired of cleaning up. Let’s hear all the excuses...

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I was talking to a friend a couple weeks ago with Kinley on my hip.  My friend was telling a story about how a mutual friend of ours had said something about their new neighbor being ‘eye candy’.  Without missing a beat, Kinley grabbed my face to make me look at her and said ever-so-seriously, ‘Mommy, I want eye candy!’  My friend and I both started laughing as I responded, ‘Me too honey, me too!’