Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I can’t believe Easter is only two weeks away!  If the holiday has snuck up on you, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to pull together a perfect Easter basket for your little ones.  The options are limitless, so I hope this post can help light a little spark of inspiration as you go about creating your own. 
I’ll admit, I have a childlike love for every holiday and the magic that they bring.  From the mischief of the leprechauns to Santa and his elves.  With how much I love the holidays paired with my love for shopping, things can quickly get out of hand.  As most of you know, twins aren’t ‘Buy one get one free’ and neither are Easter baskets. But this year I was pretty proud of myself. I managed to keep costs low and I even got most of this stuff in one quick trip to Target.

Here they are all put together, but I’ll pull it all apart to show you what’s inside and where I got it. Most of it came from the Bullseye’s Playground section of Target! I love this section because it’s as affordable as the dollar store but feels a little more organized and saves me an extra stop.

Let’s start with the Easter Basket itself.  This is reused from last year and I plan to reuse them for years to come.  Reusing the Easter baskets is great because not only does it cut down on cost, it cuts down on having a boat load of Easter baskets build up over the years. I found these at Ross last year and immediately fell in love with the sweet lamb faces.  I even got a cute bunny one for my nephew.


These cute little flower pots were what started the whole thing! I saw them and thought they would be a perfect rainy-day activity for the girls.  Fun to plant and then they can watch them grow. (only $1 each).


The next thing I spotted was these adorable gardening aprons with a positive ‘Plant Smiles’ message.  The aprons the girls got two years ago for Christmas are getting awfully small, so these will be the perfect upgrade and they went right along with the spring theme of the flower pots. (I think these were $3 each).


After that I eyed these lovable felt vegetables.  These not only matched the theme of the basket but would be a welcome addition to their kitchen and wouldn’t be extra clutter since I have a bin for their food already.  (also $1 each, up to $6 total). 


I then moved on back to the clothing section since I was in need of some jean shorts and ran across these adorable coordinated Cat & Jack shirts that I couldn’t pass up.  Not only were they only $3 each, they perfectly matched the theme of the baskets. 


For $1 and to finish off their baskets I grabbed some flashcards.  These don’t match the theme, but the girls love flashcards.  At Christmas they had to review every flashcard before moving onto the next present. 

I said above I was ‘pretty proud’ of myself.  I wasn’t’ fully proud because I broke down a few days later on a trip to Fred Meyer.  I saw these heart shaped glasses.  Ordinarily, I might have been able to pass, but I had just stepped on a pair of their sunglasses and knew they didn’t have much life left in their bent little frame. I think these were about $5 which is probably more than I needed to spend…you can probably find some cute pairs at the dollar store. 

On that same trip to Fred Meyer, I ended up with a few Lindt chocolates as well.  I saw the carrots and it brought back memories of when our dear family friend, Bill, bought them for us each year.  Plus the carrot went right along with the theme. And the bunny chocolates were just cute.  I could have obviously skipped the chocolate but figured 4 pieces wasn’t too excessive; it’s Easter after all!

That’s a wrap!  Easter baskets perfect for girls from 2-6 years old for much less than $20 each.  Of course I’m biased, but I think they are much cuter than many of the pre-made ones I see in the holiday section of stores. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear your comments below.  

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