I Feel Your Pain

About a month ago, Chloe was pushing around one of her cars and slipped and smashed her face.  No major injuries, but she cut open her lip and was bleeding.  As I was trying to wipe the blood off her face and assess the damages, I put her on the counter.  She immediately grabbed the baby monitor (which I never let them play with), but it kept her still so I figured it was no big deal.  About 2 seconds later Kinley was right beside me wanting the monitor too.  I told her Chloe could only have it for a little bit because she had a booboo.  Kinley looked herself up and down and said, ‘Leg hurts, leg owie.’ I told her she didn’t have a booboo, so she looked at her sisters face and then grabbed her lip and said, ‘lip booboo, blood, lotsa blood.’  Haha, good try little one, good try. 

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