I’m Sorry

About a year ago I had one of those Mom Fail days.  Nothing was going my way and the girls were inconsolable.  At one point I had to put them in their respective cribs and let them continue to scream for 20 minutes while I cried and tried to pull myself together.  We made it through the day and even ended with some giggles, but after I put them to bed, I did what every grown woman does, I FaceTimed my mom!  I was a wreck as I recounted my day to both my mom and dad. They interjected occasionally with something small like, ‘That’s okay’ or ‘You did the right thing’.  Towards my end of my recap, I’d calmed down and I remember saying, ‘Ugh it’s just SOOO much harder with Two!’  But they didn’t jump in and say sorry.  In fact, as I looked more closely, my parents were just smirking at me and trying to hold back giggling at my misfortune. I just knew they were thinking about Karma and the days that Courtney and I had put them through, so I started to laugh and loudly said, “I’M SORRY!’  

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