Introducing the Bennett Triplets

Wyatt, Savannah and Beau

How LUCKY are we?! Two amazing triplet families back to back! Trust me, you won’t want to miss following @bennetttriplets as she shares her sweet perspective, adorable photos, and funny videos!

Something fun we enjoy doing: We enjoy going on adventures around our city and are always on the go. We also enjoy swimming in our own backyard and can be found there almost daily throughout the summer.

Favorite twin parenting memory: One of my favorite memories was the first time I got the kids to hold hands and walk together. I’d been wanting to make it happen for so long, but could never get all 3 into it. Now it’s just our thing. They call it ‘holdy hanny’ and do it all the time. 

Favorite Hack/Tip: I buy season passes every chance we get. With 3 kids and usually a sister or nanny along for the ride, it can get expensive. 1-2 trips and we’ve already paid more than a year membership. 

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