Introducing The Mullinax’s

With the New Year upon us, if you are feeling your heart strings tugging to be more adventurous, follow this family (@draggin_our_wagon) for some inspiration! 


We are the Mullinax’s! We have six year old GBG triplets and are living life a little differently these days.  We currently call our renovated 32ft camper, our home, and travel the country with our kiddos.  Crazy right?! Sometimes we pinch ourselves that we actually took the plunge and are living out our dreams. Life was getting so busy and Bryan and I were feeling like days were passing too quickly with our children. We didn’t want to wake up one morning and feel a sense of regret that we didn’t pour as much of ourselves as possible into them.  Quality time and experiences were at the heart of our decision.  Through lots of prayer and a leap of faith we bought a Rockwood travel trailer, renovated it so it feels like home, sold all our belongings and were on the road in four months. Wow, I know! But we are loving every minute. I home school on the road and the kids love that mommy’s their teacher. We have been from Nashville to Canada, through Maine and are working our way down the east coast now. When will our journey end? We don’t know and we’re ok with that. We are living life one day at a time, intentionally and with purpose. For now, we are holding on and enjoying the ride.

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