Jessica is a Twin with Twins of her own: Meet Lily Kate & Emily Rose

Lily Kate (4), Jessica, Emily Rose (4), & Jason

Jessica first reached out to me on Facebook because, she is a twin with twins who like me is also a pharmacist! (It’s like we were meant to be friends). The only downside to following her is that she tends to have the best South Carolina weather when we are in the middle of a grey stretch here in the PNW. Obviously I can’t actually hold that against her, haha, so check her out on IG @skincare_pharmacist  I especially love all her uplifting quotes.

Keep reading below for not only her Sunday Spotlight but a little extra bonus as she answers a question about her own experiences as a twin. 
Something fun we enjoy doing: We Love going to the beach and riding bikes

Favorite twin parenting memory: Teaching Emily how to walk the night before her 1st birthday. Her twin could walk a month before and Emily would pull her down on the ground with her. They were both so excited when she could walk too! I still remember the laughs and her twin cheering her on.

Favorite Hack/Tip: Never compare the two. That can create a lifetime of jealousy. Play games that allow them to work together to win. I’ve learned a lot by being a twin myself. 

Favorite thing about being a twin: Always having someone to relate to and to have my back whether I am in the wrong or right. Having someone to always be honest with me. 

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