Meet a Modern Mom

Carly is a fellow mom blogger and has an adorable Instagram (@a_modern_mom).  Her husband is Martin and on her blog her kids go by ‘big brother’ (6), ‘sis’, and ‘baby boy’ (6 months). I was laughing at a frequent post she had wondering why they have so many chairs and sofas when all 3 just want to pile in her lap! She keeps it real, she keeps it fun, and she keeps them sleep trained!

Something fun we enjoy doing:  We love to travel, even with baby twins. We go on a family trip every other month. 
Favorite twin parenting memory: Introducing our twin babies to their big brother. He immediately said “there’s happy water coming from my eyes” when he saw them. 
Favorite Hack/Tip: Following the gentle sleep training plan. It got our twins sleeping through the night by 14 weeks. 

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