Meet Allison & Katelyn

Kim, Kevin, Allison & Katelyn (13 months)

I got to know Kimmy through work. What’s funny is we work with another Kim, so when I heard Kim was pregnant with twins, I sent the wrong one a congratulatory message.  I don’t quite know how she carried these sweet girls to full term while standing on her feet all day every day, but she was a trooper and amazed us all. (I spent the last half of my pregnancy with my swollen ankles up on the desk and the keyboard on my stomach). Her daughters are so cute and I love seeing some of Kinely & Chloe’s hand-me-downs getting more love out of them. 

Something fun we enjoy doing: We like to take them out to the park for a walk on nice summer days and sometimes that’s how they get their afternoon nap.  We put them in the Joovy twinroo+ car seat stroller. The stroller is a lifesaver every time we go out.
Favorite twin parenting memory: Our favorite time with the girls is before their bedtime in our bedroom. That’s where we have a little family playtime with lots of hugs and kisses and reading time as part of their daily bedtime routine. Some days feel so overwhelming and I have no energy with the nonstop work, but each time we see their smiles, their little giggles and their new milestone, it takes the tiredness away. It’s so rewarding to be twin parents. We feel so blessed every day.
Favorite Hack/Tip: Join a twin support group, even during your pregnancy. You can learn a lot about what it’s like to have twins at different stages and have an idea of what to expect. The Facebook group ‘twin mommies unite’ is an awesome one. There’s also a few groups for sleep training multiples. I love looking at twin pictures and browsing through different topics and advice from twin moms. Also take as many pictures and videos as possible. It’s amazing how fast they grow, so try to enjoy every minute!

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