Meet Amelia & Leah

Happy Sunday Spotlight to this gorgeous Washington family! I love featuring twin families from fall over, but meeting someone from your own back yard still feels special. They had the cutest twin birth announcement, complete with Starbucks cups (like every good Washingtonian should do). And the pics have only gotten cuter from there. Check them out on instagram @mrsnayalmonte


My name is Naomi Alamonte And our twins Amelia & Leah just turned two years old. We got married June 2018 and we quickly and unexpectedly got pregnant in September 2018. Our life just turned a lot more interesting when they actually came into the world.

We love spending our time outdoors. I swear my girls can spend all day outside just playing with a stick and a rock. I would say my favorite parenting moment was when I 1st heard Leah laugh. I cried so much because it was the most beautiful laugh in the world and I didn’t know we created such a wonderful life together! My other favorite parenting moment was when Amelia started doing funny things! When she was about 3-4 months she started doing this dinosaur sound 😂 her next one was 8-12 months she would do this little fake laugh. Ah man, she is just such a funny baby! She makes funny faces all the time!

One piece of advice I would give is to always make time for your partner. Being a stay at home Mom, and taking care of three lives (including our dog) can leave me feeling very overwhelmed. At times I felt that everyone wanted a piece of me.  When it came to spending time with my husband, I felt like I was not really enjoying it because all I could think of was the babies. Did they Eat enough? Did they poop? How many times did they pee? Omg is it too hot in the room? Is it too cold? I finally confessed to my husband that I was really stressed out and I didn’t feel like he was helping me enough. In reality, he was helping. He would get home 1st thing and ask if I ate food or napped. Anyway, the 1st year was really hard for us both. Communication is key! My husband and I are really good at telling when we need each other. So take a break with your partner while someone watches the babies. Or when they sleep go shower together. Just make use of the time you have! I love my babies but life is a whole lot better when we are both happy!

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