Meet Anna & Ella

Anna & Ella were 1 in April

Anna & Ella’s mom @aaamyscott was 24 when she received her double blessing. I know they look awfully sweet in this picture (and they are of course), but she also posts pictures of them getting into mischief every now and again.



Something fun we enjoy doing: We love to get out and about together as a family and enjoy reading stories together!

Favorite twin parenting memory: Watching the girls copy their dad. (She sent along the cutest video of him stretching and then as she pans over to the girls in their highchairs, they each follow right along).

Favorite Hack/Tip: Don’t get too hung up on other insta mums who vocalize the hardships involved in having twins. Take what everyone says with a pinch of salt. I got myself really stressed thinking about how hard it would be to have twins and then when my girls came, they were amazing! If you stay calm – they just might follow your example. Remember twins are a ‘double blessing’. 

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