Meet Bertie, Baxter & @twindadlondon

I’m getting ready for an exciting trip to London and Ireland, so there can’t be a more fitting time to feature my first international twin family.  Before I get to their spotlight, I encourage you all to follow him on instagram @twindadlondon. He is a SAHD (stay at home dad) to these handsome twins and his profile is full of cute pictures and real insight into daily life with twins. Including the picture above where he and his wife eat one handed while holding bribery ice cream in their other hand for the twins. 

Something fun we enjoy doing: On the weekend, when we (too often) wake up very early. We like to head into part sof the city we would normally find far too busy to visit with the twins. We recently went to Southbank at 7:30am and had the whole place to ourselves, it was quite something!
Favorite twin parenting memory: The happiness on their faces the first time we took them swimming. it’s definitely more fun with two as you get one each!
Favorite Hack/Tip/Piece of Advice: Don’t be weak when it comes to letting them sleep in your bed. We were and in hindsight it was a big mistake.

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