Meet Bodie & North

Bodie & North (4 year old identical twins)

I met Tess through my twin sister.  Tess and Courtney ran into each other at the park and Court gave her my card to find me on Facebook.  It’s always fun to connect with any twin momma, but it’s a little extra fun when they are also a twin.  I’m fascinated by their own experience as a twin and how it impacts how they raise their own twins. I also found it mind boggling that Tess’s mom didn’t know she was having twins until delivery, and Tess didn’t find out about a second baby until she was 31 weeks along.  What a whirlwind that must have been!
Something fun we enjoy doing: Our family enjoys playing outside. The boys have been interested in bikes since they were about 22 months old. We are often out on our bikes multiple times a week. They have been upping their skills on the bikes and scooters at the skate park. If we are not bike riding we are having fun at one of the many amazing parks Portland has to offer.

Favorite twin parenting memory: Just a few months after their third birthday, the boys learned to ride their big bikes (no training wheels). Their motivation was to rie through a big puddle with no help. They were so excited. It has been all about bikes ever since.

Favorite Hack/Tip: 
#1) Solo time: Each week my husband and I take one kid and have special time. That could be bike riding, or special breakfast, anything we find fun. It’s intentional time set aside that we can just have one kid each. They can also practice having time apart from one another. 
#2) Find your Village: It might seem hard to get out of the house and meet new people when you have twins. But for any parent genuine connection can be a lifesaver. Find your village! Find the people that support you and your views. And then spend plenty of time with them. 

Favorite thing about being a twin:
 My favorite memory is Sally chasing me around the house (I hit her too hard). Luckily, I am faster than her, unlucky, she’s stronger. There was a lot of screaming for forgiveness. 
Sally moved to America 2 years ago to be closer to me and the boys. We are blessed to have her so close. We do Auntie Sally hang time every week. The boys love their Auntie.

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