Meet Brooklyn & Braylon

I’m excited to introduce @_Twinterviews. Lynnee’s family is no stranger to twins.  Her husband has fraternal twin siblings, Lynnee has an identical twin sister, Lynnel, and they have fraternal twins of their own. Lynnee is energetic and easy to talk to. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to her during an interview with her recently. She is starting Twinterviews, where her and her sister will be interviewing Twins & Twin Moms and I can’t wait to see everything that will air on her Instagram soon. Be sure to follow her so you don’t want to miss out.


· Heartfelt memory: Our family was attending a relative’s birthday party and it was time to sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Brooklyn was fast asleep in a bedroom, while the party was continuing outside. Right before we began to sing, I noticed that I didn’t see Braylon, so my husband I searched & searched and he was nowhere to be found outside.  When I went inside, I found him trying to wake Brooklyn up so she wouldn’t miss singing ‘Happy Birthday’. 

· Favorite quality about each kid: I love the fact that Brooklyn is very independent, nurturing (she takes care of Braylon, as though she’s the mom) and she gives the BEST hugs! Braylon, although small in stature, is very tough and resilient, he does not let anyone mess with his sister!

· Something fun our family enjoys: Our family enjoys riding bikes around the neighborhood and playing in the pool.

· Funny memory:Finding out we were having twins, 4 years after having our oldest daughter, Janae, was quite shocking to say the least. However, my husband’s reaction tickled me. My husband was unable to make my initial appointment to confirm my pregnancy via ultrasound, so when I broke the news to him later on that day, his response was, “It’s too soon, how could they know,” LOL. I tried to convince him by saying, “because they’re doctors and this is what they went to school for”. 

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