Meet Caeden & Kendall

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! I want to make a special toast to ALL the mom’s out there, especially this year, when so many have had extra responsibilities and stress added to their plate. I also am incredibly grateful to feature one of my favorite twin mom bloggers in this Sunday Spotlight.  You won’t want to miss checking out @twinsandcoffeepnw. She talks about all things motherhood from the joys to the difficulties, promotes self-care, is always cooking up something delicious and is a true support to so many. Happy Mother’s Day Lynneah!

Hi! My name is Lynneah and I am the twin mama behind I am mom to fraternal, boy girl twins, Caeden and Kendall. They were born at 32 weeks after developing pre-ecplamisa which led to a NICU stay before being able to go home and jump into life with twins.

They are now two and a half and let’s just say, it’s been a wild ride. While life with twins has its many, many challenges, one of my biggest mottos is “you CAN with twins”. I enjoy encouraging other twin moms to live their lives to the fullest regardless of the hardships being a twin mom brings. I was able to finish my degree at home, launch a business and overcome major mental health struggles all within my twin’s first two years. I am a huge advocate for moms in my position doing the same.


If I was to give you any kind of advice as an expecting or new twin mom, it would be to learn how to give yourself Grace. I am by no means a very religious person, but something I wholeheartedly believe in is the ability to give yourself Grace. Especially in parenting. Twins will flip your world upside down. The news of twins on the ultrasound machine alone spun me around. But being able to recognize that you are doing enough, despite the demons screaming at you in your head that you “aren’t cleaning enough” “aren’t doing enough” or simply “are not enough”, is huge. This isn’t a competition. There is no right or wrong guide for this. All you can do is your best, and I hope you can find peace in that.


As you can probably tell by that, I love shedding light on the hardships of motherhood and how to overcome them. If you’d love to read more, check out my site or better yet, shoot me a message on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to chat!

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