Meet Christian, Lucas and Big Sis Gianna.

Christian (12 months), Gianna (3), and Lucas (12 months)

This next twin momma is right up my alley, she loves black coffee and red wine…naturally we are friends! Follow along with @lagniadek as she raises 3 kids under the age of 4.  She also happens to be doing the same 100 day workout program I just started so it’s fun to feel like we are doing it together.


Something fun we enjoy doing: It’s so simple, but we love going for family walks int eh evening. Sometimes it can be really hard to get my 3 kiddos out of the house by myself (yes, STILL), so when Daddy gets home from work, going out is a little easier!

Favorite twin parenting memory: I loved when the boys started to notice each other more. It has been so sweet seeing their bond grow! Watching babies play together is unbelievably entertaining and heart warming. 

Favorite Hack/Tip:  Getting out of the house to go to the gym is basically impossible these days, so getting workouts done at home saves money and my sanity!

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