Meet Cooper & Charlotte

Katie (24), Cooper (2 mo), Billy (25), Charlotte (2 mo) has some awfully sweet Boy/Girl Twins. Their newborn pictures were swoon worthy, and they keep getting even more adorable. I love keeping up with their posts month by month as they grow and love seeing the sassy drama sweet Charlotte brings to their world!



Something fun we enjoy doing: Our family enjoys going for walks at the park, visiting grandparents, and backyard cook outs with the family. 

Favorite twin parenting memory: This isn’t necessarily a twin memory, but it’s a funny one. The day I had my twins, my S.O. got up to check on the babies. He had never changed a diaper before the twins were born so he was just getting used to it. He was mid change when one of the babies shot poop out and he caught it with his hand! We all laughed so hard. 

Favorite Hack/Tip: My daughter would cry non-stop until one day I tried a different white noise sounds on my phone. It not only helped with the crying, but now she sleeps better at night! I use the vacuum sound on the white noise app. 

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