Meet Daneen, Jesus and their 3 sweet girls

Evangeleen (Evie) is turning 4 in a few short days (happy early birthday cutie). Sadie Saleen & Hailie Maxeen are 2 ½ now. Daneen is 31 and her husband Jesus is 35.

I’ve known Daneen since elementary days. I’m pretty sure we were even on the same T-ball team at some point.  She’s another twin mom from our small town, and has 3 ADORABLE daughters!  If anyone wants tips on how to handle 3 under 2, she’s your gal!
Their girls were born at 29 weeks and spent 41 days in Kadlec.  This was quite an adjustment I’m sure, but she rocked it! She feels fortunate to stay home with her girls and loves having the opportunity to teach them new things, but with the rough winter Eastern Washington had, some of those days with 3 young kids inside felt pretty overwhelming. Keep up the great work Daneen and keep those pictures coming. Thanks for sharing your adorable family with us.

Something fun we enjoy doing: They love to play outside when weather permits and love playing games of all sorts. They also LOVE animals and look forward to the Adams County Fair every year. 
Favorite twin parenting memory: One of her favorite memories is when they were finally able to bring both girls home together, (pictured above with the twins in her arms and little Evie between her legs). She was excited, nervous, and extremely overwhelmed in a matter of a few minutes, but every worry has since passed and now as she looks back she says she is just completely thankful for it all. Watching the girls in their latest stage where they are talking and becoming their own little people has been fun and scary.
Favorite Hack/Tip: Their favorite way to save money is to try and buy things out of season for the future. They have been super lucky so far and have purchased a lot of baby items and clothing out of season. As most moms admit, she states laundry is still a struggle but that they have had success with different baskets to separate colored and whites in the girls’ room with pictures. Furthermore it has helped them learn their colors in English and Spanish. 

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