Meet Eliza, Cecelia & Big Brother Rio

I haven’t been following @Skye_Jennifer_ for long, but am so happy I stumbled across her page.  I have been reflecting a lot lately on mindfulness, self-care, and spreading Joy and this is exactly what she is about.  A recent post talked about how her journey of self-care started about a year ago. With some small intentional steps that didn’t take much time, she was able to start seeing herself as more than just a mother. Read on to find out more about her favorite self-care routines, the traits she adores most about each of her beautiful children, a funny memory, and my favorite response is about a time a stranger stepped in to help her out. It makes me want to be that type of strangers for others.  

I’m Skye and my page centers on my motherhood journey. I’m raising Rio (3 years) and identical twins Eliza and Cecelia (20 months). I worked for 6 years after graduating and left the corporate world last April after having my girls. I love working with brands who support and enhance my motherhood and self-care journey.

Something fun we enjoy doing: We enjoy exploring nature and spend most weekends catching up with friends & family.

A funny memory: When I had been with my husband (then boyfriend) for a good few months, he was gazing lovingly at me and he said that he loved my dark brown eyes…I have blue eyes!

Favorite parenting memory: When my little boy Rio first met his little sisters. He turned 2 the week they were born. He leaned over their bassinet and said, ‘awww, my babies!’ He has called them that ever since.

Favorite Hack/Tip: My favorite tip is to always pack more snacks than you think you will need. They have saved so many tantrums and stressful situations

A favorite recipe your family loves: Spaghetti Bolognese is our absolute favorite family meal.

Something you enjoy for self-care: A relaxing bath and treating my skin to a clay face mask.

A memorable interaction with a stranger: I met another mama at baby music group. She had a toddler the same age as Rio and our twins were born a month apart. We see each other now and always laugh how we said things would get easier back then and it’s just hard in different ways.

Something kind/helpful someone did for you: When I was on my own struggling with my girls at a play café and another mum asked if she could help. She picked one of them up and gave them a snack and cuddle. I’ll never forget her kindness

Favorite quality about each kid: Rio is funny and cheeky but so very kind. He looks out for his sisters and helps them learn and grow. His favorite thing to do is play outside. Eliza has the cheekiest smile that lights up the room and she loves singing. Cecelia loves cuddles and always wants to be with someone. She also loves dancing

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