Meet Ellis & Logan

Kristin (39), Ellis & Logan (8), Troy (44)

Ellis, Troy, Kristin & Logan are loving their new camper and getting out in nature these days.  Follow them along @iamkristinperez as Kristin shares her fitness journey, love of teaching and passion for life & parenting.

Something fun we enjoy doing: Something my family enjoys is camping.  We bought a travel trailer in June and love going out in it.  We love to be outside and the boys love sports and being in the water, so its perfect for weekend getaways.  Bike rides, throwing the football around, playing basketball, being at the playground – we love it all!

Favorite twin parenting memory: 
The first one if from the days of pumping.  I thought I was so cool by using the hands-free pumping bra during my commute (gotta love multi-tasking), but one time a trucker stopped next to me in stopped traffic and he could see in my car and did a double take.  He wasn’t trying to be gross about it, but it totally caught him off guard to see it and he quickly looked away.


Another favorite memory was when the boys transitioned from cribs to toddler beds.  They sleep in the same room and we wondered how it would be since they would then be able to get out of their beds.  They did play for a little bit, but it was precious to see that they ended up falling asleep on the floor next to each other.  Now even at 8 years old, they like to sleep in our guest bedroom in the “big bed” on weekends so they can sleep together.

Favorite Hack/Tip: 
The best tip I can say helped us the most was to get them on the same schedule as early as possible.  This meant waking one up for nighttime feedings so they could be put back to sleep at the same time.  As a working mom, this was HUGE because there was no way I could survive being up all night with each of them, if I did it on demand.  And with limited time after work, feeding them at the same time and putting them down for bed at the same time, saved so much time.  

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