Meet Grayson & Kipton

Grayson & Kipton (4mo)
8-4 sams 3
Kipton & Grayson

The Sams family is another twin family from my hometown.  (There just might be something in the water). They have 3 handsome boys, the twins and their little brother Riley.  Please keep reading their spotlight below, because it is full of great advice, an adorable memory, and she even talks about solo dates which I want to institute at our house.


Something fun we enjoy doing: We enjoy when each parent takes a child on a date. For example, this past winter, I took Grayson to a ballet. My husband took Kipton to a basketball game and I took our youngest Riley out to dinner. We feel this is important since our kids are so close together, which makes it hard to spend individual time with each one. 


Favorite twin parenting memory: When the twins were babies, Kipton learned how to walk first. So to play together, Grayson would sit on a little car that had handles in the back and Kipton would push him around the house. They would communicate in their gibberish and enjoy playing together. 

Favorite Hack/Tip: I take snacks with me wherever we go. I pack apple slices, carrots, cheese sticks, granola bars, etc. My three growing boys are ALWAYS hungry and it’s way easier to pass back snack I have prepared than to stop somewhere.

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