Meet Hollan & Loxley

Hollan (2mo), Caleb, Loxley (9mo), and Lindsay

Of course I had to follow this Baby Bling loving momma!  Lindsay and her identical twins can be found on Instagram at @okayest_twin_mom. Their rosy cheeks and bright eyes get me EVERY time! Trust me just go follow her and let her letterboards, sense of humor, and adorable photoshoots brighten your feed too!


Something fun we enjoy doing: We enjoy leaving the house and seeing how many people ask us if the girls are twins! (JK) We love finding new things to show the girls. Even if its just an aisle of target they have yet to go down. 

Favorite twin parenting memory: The hospital. I know it’s crazy, but I loved being in the hospital with my babies. The worries of a high-risk pregnancy were over and we were so lucky our girls never had to leave our side. A luxury I know many twin parents don’t get.

Favorite Hack/Tip: HUMOR! Parenting without humor sounds terrifying! Laugh through the pain people! Also, twin resale groups are life! Here are a few of her favorite on Facebook: Girl/Girl Twins Only Resale Group, New Twin Mom Resale – Preemie, Twin Mom Resale- 24m and up

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