Meet Jaelynn & Alina’s Family

Alex & Jill and their twins Jaelynn Grace (left) & Alina Lee (right) – 4.5 years old

Something fun we enjoy doing: Our family absolutely loves to be in the great outdoors. Whether it’s camping in our trailer (the girls first camping trip was when they were just 4 weeks old), fishing at the river, boating at the lake, or hiking local trails, we love being outside in nature. We also enjoy traveling and exploring new places. ​

Favorite twin parenting memory: One of my favorite things about being a twin momma to two unique and beautiful girls is when people see all four of us together, they almost always say “oh, wow, you each have a mini-me. There’s a little one of each of you.” What’s unique about our girls is that Alina definitely has her daddy’s skin tone and hair color, and Jaelynn certainly has my skin tone and hair color. It used to bother me that people questioned whether the girls are twins or not, but now I love it when people notice their uniqueness. 

Favorite Hack/Tip: It can be rather expensive to raise twins. Whether it’s purchasing car seats, diapers, or paying for preschool…the cost is double. What’s worked really well for our family is to do our best to enjoy our belongings but take great care of them so that we can resell them. There is a market out there of other twin moms looking to save money, and they will be extremely thankful for the opportunity to purchase gently used items at a drastically reduced price. In return, I use the money to put towards the girls new (or new-to-them) items. 
(Note from Crystal: Jill is GREAT at this! I actually met her through a resale group and love purchasing her adorable clothing).

Bonus Hack/Tip: My girls love to match. I’ve learned that when folding the clean laundry, it’s best to keep all of the matching items together. By doing this, it’s easy for my girls to find their items and they don’t have a need to dig in each drawer looking for the same shirt as their sister. This was huge for me since they love picking out their own clothes. 

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