Meet Joseph & Johnathan’s Incredible Family

Drew (dad) & ​Jordan (mom) have 4 handsome boys.
Isaiah (4 on the left), David (3 on the right), and now 12 week old Joseph (left) & Jonathan (right) 

Something fun we enjoy doing: We love being together. Walks, bike rides, going to a splash park, window shopping (if the twins don’t cry the whole time.) LOL

Favorite twin parenting memory: It’s only been 11 weeks on January 10th, but my favorite part of being a twin Mom is seeing both of those sweet boys looking up at me and how they seem to love being with each other a lot.

Favorite Hack/Tip: Being a twin Mom I have learned a few things. Sometimes they will cry and you don’t know why (just like singletons). But there are two, so you just do the next thing until you figure it out. 

Bonus Hack/Tip: Ask for help! Best tip ever! You need the help and the community.

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