Meet Josephine & Margo

​Ben, Caitlin, Theodore (5), Josephine (3), Margo (3)

Are you in need of a great new blog to follow?  Look no further than  I love following along with their adventures. 

Something fun we enjoy doing: We are an outdoor family and live for summer months at the beach!! We also love going on bike rides and taking nature walks. 

Favorite twin parenting memory: Honestly, there are too many to count! My very first memory is when I was feeding the girls with my mom. They were swaddled and fell asleep. My mom and I had a big debate over who was who (they are identical). I kept saying “I think I have Margo” and my mom was saying, “I think you have Josie!”
Finally, my mom said “well, you’re the mom. If you want that to be Margo, it can be Margo.”

Favorite Hack/Tip: Start as you mean to go on. Do not start something that you don’t want to continue! 
Also, schedule, We have been on a schedule since the girls came home from the NICU, and we still have set times for nap, bedtime, and even when they are allowed to get up in the morning. It has saved my sanity!

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