Meet Lennon, Rowe & the Patient Mom

I’m so excited to introduce Morgan and her family. She is a full time working mom of 3 under 4. Her son Hank turned one in August and her identical twin girls, Lennon & Rowe, just turned 3 a few weeks ago. She has a really great blog that she manages to do in her spare time, so go check it out at She has lots of great seasonal posts and I’m looking forward to what ideas she has for December. She also brightens up my Instagram with the most adorable pictures. 


My husband and I suffered from infertility before turning to IVF. Our first round failed but our second round, where we transferred our ONLY good embryo, took and actually split in two! I carried the girls to 36 weeks and a scheduled c-section despite having a high risk, mo-di pregnancy. No NICU time, either!

 Rowe, baby B, has a birthmark around her right eye which helps everyone tell them apart. I am pretty sure they are mirror twins. Lennon (baby A) was on the left side of my womb (which is why we chose Lennon) and is left handed, Rowe (baby B) was on the right side of my womb and is right handed. Their hair parts on the opposite side.

They both LOVE to sing and dance, and are obsessed with Taylor Swift, Rachel Platton’s Fight Song, Miley Cyrus and Queen to name a few. They have been known to finger paint with poop on more than one occasion and we are having the most difficult time potty training them. I had to purchase special no-escape pajamas (that might be my parent hack). 

A piece of advice for other parents: Plan for an extra 10 plus minutes wherever you go because of all the twin comments and conversations you will have to have. 

Favorite quality about each twin: My favorite thing about Rowe is how “passionate” she is, especially when it comes to singing! My favorite quality about Lennon is her determination. Girl will NOT give up until her clothes are on correctly or she has figured it out. She especially does not give up when mommy says no.


Something fun your family enjoys: We love to make homemade pizzas as a family. We also love going to the park or for walks, swimming, boating and going to the lake house.  

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