Meet Luke, Caroline & their ‘Incredible’ Fam

Grant 1.5, Luke & Caroline 4.5, Ashley & Will

It’s time to introduce you all to @deshazzy.babies.wellness.  This momma says she runs on coffee & wine and is balanced by sweets & sweats…that’s my kinda girl!  Her Instagram is so fun to follow and helps to motivate me to get up & go!  She doesn’t pretend to be perfect but she tries to be consistent and as an upbeat encouraging vibe in her posts.  Go check her and her sweet family out.

Something fun we enjoy doing: We love all things outdoors! Beach, walks in the park, and working out with mommy at home.
Favorite twin parenting memory: Gosh, the early twin life was brutal and I’m so glad that’s over and we all survived! My favorite memory was when they recognized each other as babies and realized they had a best friend for life, 
Favorite Hack/Tip: Use all the hand-me-downs, toys, clothes, etc. They will literally use it for 3 months so it’s not worth the cost to buy new. My other hack is getting an angel care monitor or some type of sleeping device because you will sleep (actually sleep) and they will too!

Twins was the best thing that ever happened to us much to my timidness to do it, but now they have a best friend and playmate for life!

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