Meet Malia and Miles

I love following this sweet family on instagram @doubletheamor and on her blog.  She recently shared about their NICU experience which so many moms of multiples can relate to. Take a few minutes and read more about their family below!

We are a couple that struggled to get pregnant and ended up blessed with twins! They are our whole world! We have recently moved from New York to my home state of Texas! We are learning everyday more and more that being parents of twins keeps you so busy, but we are so very lucky!

We enjoy: We all love music! Most of the time the babies are just looking at me and my dance moves, but I see the happiness in their faces when we have something playing. One day they will dance with Mama too!

Funny memory:  The first time we heard our babies laughing at each other and mimic noises was a great moment!

Parenting memory: Bringing our babies home from the NICU, that was the best feeling!

Hacks: Keep your babies on a schedule! No matter what! Also, do subscription services to make your life a little easier! Diapers, formula, food etc! That’s just one less thing you have to think about.

Recipes: Our babes just started eating more solids, but they LOVE pancakes with peanut butter!

Self care: When I have had a hard or draining day, I like to take a bath. Even if it’s for 10 mins. I add some Epsom salts and I always feel way more relaxed after!

Advice: Be your own advocates! Being a twin parent is much different… I find sometimes advice from other parents who don’t have multiples, just doesn’t work and that’s ok!

Interesting Interactions: People are fascinated with twins!! So they get a lot of attention! But one time, this older guy asked me if I was breastfeeding? I was really taken back and confused until he followed up with, “I have grown twins too and my wife breastfed. I know it’s hard and I want to commend you.”  While kind of nice, I wish I could have seen my own facial expression, lol

Helpful friends: I was alone with the twins from the time my husband went back to work. So it was a lot. One of my friends sent me a subscription for pre-made meals through a service and it got me through two weeks without having to think of what to eat. My mind was busy with so many other things!  It helped so much!

Favorite qualities: My daughter Malia is Miss Independent and my son Miles is always smiling! We call him Smiles!

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