Meet Mallory & Morgan

Mallory & Morgan (8 months)

I love following along with these self-proclaimed ‘nerdy’ parents!  First of all their daughters, Morgan and Mallory are adorable, but you also get to follow along with their adventures from the beach to Virginia’s Scottish Games.  You can follow along at or on Instagram @twins_ftw.  

Something fun we enjoy doing: We love our Saturday morning naps, we all cuddle together and fall asleep.
Favorite twin parenting memory: So far, our favorite twin parenting moment was watching the girls chat for the first time. Around 3 or 4 months, they noticed each other and giggled and babbled to each other for a long while. It was incredibly precious.
Favorite Hack/Tip: My favorite rash cream is simply coconut oil and 5 drops of tea tree essential oil in a 4 oz jar. It works every time!


Her blog post titled ‘Momma of Twins, Let Yourself Mourn’ caught my eye and after reading it, I feel that it would be a perfect read for many moms. She acknowledges that while twins are a double blessing and such a gift, there are also struggles and things that she felt she missed out on.  Becoming a mom is a delight and also a little terrifying.  It’s a big transition and it’s okay to admit that some things are less than idyllic.  Thanks Amy for your blog and for being so honest. 

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