Meet Mary & May

This Georgia family is a fun one to follow @adventuresofmaryandmay. Their smiles are endless as is their love for their big brother! Keep reading for some fun facts and good advice. 

Something fun your family enjoys: We love going to the beach and playing at the park! 

A funny memory: When Mary and May were younger, they somehow managed to get into our fireplace and got black soot all over them! They looked like they had been working on the railroad!

A favorite parenting memory: When they were toddlers, they loved taking off their diapers so I literally had to duck tape their diapers shut and cut the diapers off when it was time for a diaper change. It was so funny watching them walk around with duck tape all over the diaper! 


A ‘hack’: I always kept them on the same schedule! They eat at the same time, sleep at the same time, shower at the same time! Makes it so much easier. 


A favorite recipe your family loves: Tater Tot Casserole


Something you enjoy for self-care: I love going for walks and listening to music! Music helps me relax!  


A piece of advice to other parents: Take time for yourself! You need the break. Find a babysitter and just go shopping or out to eat (even if it’s by yourself). Go on a vacation with your hubby or friends. You can’t be an effective parent If you don’t take time for yourself! 

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