Meet Massachusetts Mama

I am so excited to feature @massachusettsmama this Sunday. She is a genuinely kind mama that is always lifting up other moms. One of the ways she does this is via ‘Twin Mama Tuesdays’ on IG stories which are fun to participate in. Plus it’s a fun way to get to know other twin moms better. Head on over to her page for a bright and airy page full of cute pictures, sweet reminders and positive vibes.

I’m Angel (28) and my husband is Brian (32) and we are from Western Massachusetts. I work fulltime as a Partnerships Manager for a national nonprofit and my husband is a history teacher. We found out we were having mono/di identical twins at 12 weeks and life has been crazy ever since. My pregnancy was really rough, with tons of pain, gestational diabetes and a few scary MFM appointments but my boys Jackson Davis and Oliver James were delivered at 36 weeks 1 day in perfect health aside from some slight sugar issues. I’ve breastfed them since day 1 and triple fed for the first 16 weeks (nurse, pump and formula supplementation). Although feeding has been a struggle at times, it has also been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. 

Something you enjoy for self-care – I train at a strength and conditioning gym. Exercise has been a source of therapy for me my entire life but particularly postpartum.  Working out is my one hour every day that I do something just for myself. 

A piece of advice to other parents – remember to take care of YOUR household and immediate family. When you have kids, everyone focuses on the baby and every new milestone but there’s so many milestones that new parents go through. Focus on your babies and your marriage. Everything else is secondary! 

Favorite quality about each kid – Oliver is so loving and cares about his brother, even at this young age. He always wants to play with Jack and reaches out to hold his hand. He’s definitely a lover and the social one. Jack is so independent and babbles his head off. They are so different yet similar. 

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