Meet My Mom’s Family!

Brandon, Kirk (dad), and Courtney & Crystal (no idea who is who) after a day in the garden

This Sunday we are throwing it way back to when I was cute, tiny, and dirty and we are featuring my parents. Mom isn’t pictured because she was behind the camera as usual. I truly am so thankful for my parents. They were always there for me growing up and are there for me still.  They are even taking on full-time twin parenting again in just over a week so that Farmer & I head out on vacation. 

Something fun we enjoyed doing:  One of the things we did as a family was garden. Kirk grew up gardening with his family, so when we bought our property before the girls were born, Kirk had to put in a big garden. We grew everything from corn to carrots to cucumbers (and other fruits and vegetables that don’t start with C). It was a lot of work but we had lots of fresh food to eat and it helped build a sense of responsibility while teaching about teamwork.

Favorite twin parenting memory: This isn’t a specific memory, but some of my favorite memories involve watching the kids tromp around in their rubber boots. Crystal & Courtney loved to follow their big brother Brandon around and all 3 of them could usually be found in rubber boots of varying sizes/colors.  Even in the heat of summer they could be found in swimming suits and rubber boots.  I’m pretty sure many healthy vegetables lost their lives under the soles of pink/red/yellow rubber boots. As teens everybody graduated to the standard black rubber boot and Kirk even had to spray paint his pink so the kids would quit wearing his!
Favorite Hack/Tip: If you have the space, I recommend putting in a garden to be able to eat fresh food during the summer/fall and to be able to can for winter use! We canned peaches, pears, pickles, made jelly and so much more. 

Dad throwing me as high as the sunflower in our garden

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