Meet Nahiku & Noholoa’s Family

Nahiku, Noa, Nani, & Noholoa (19)

Something fun we enjoy doing: Our family enjoys singing karaoke

Favorite twin parenting memory: 
Our favorite twin memory was when we took the boys to visit the president of the private school that Noa & I attended. Our hope was that the boys would follow in our footsteps and we’d start on this journey by impressing the president. Upon entering the president’s office I hesitated for a moment because the office was beautifully decorated with leather furniture & fancy vases. The boys were almost 5 years old at the time and I was slightly concerned that there could be a breakage accident.
At first the boys sat nicely, but as the conversation carried on they began to get a little more antsy. The president noticed & gave permission to move about the office freely… not a good move on his part. He then attempted to engage Noholoa by asking his name. Noholoa took it upon himself to do a head stand on his leather couch with his buttocks facing the president and said, “My name is Butt Boy… Butt! Butt! Butt!” Meanwhile as Noholoa was distracting us with his “Butt Boy” routine, Nahiku was standing on another chair peering into one of the fancy vases. As I called out his name, out of his mouth came a  load of spit falling perfectly into the vase. Sigh…
It definitely was not one of their shining moments, but it was one that always makes us laugh to this day! It wasn’t funny at the time – it was completely embarrassing, but what are you going do?  Boys will be boys!  And, if you’re wondering… NO they didn’t get accepted to the school

Favorite Hack/Tip: 
​As far as a favorite tip or hack, the only thing I can think of is related to scrapbooking. When they were young I was an avid Creative Memories scrapbooker. Up till Kindergarten, I made each of the boys their own scrapbooks which was easy because I was just doing the same page twice.  My aunt took a lot of pictures of the boys, but sometimes I’d only get one copy of the picture. When that happened I only had enough pictures to do a page for one album. So my scrapbooking tip/hack was to make a color copy of the completed page & paste that copy on to the other albums page so that they both had the same pages in their scrapbook. I made sure to alternate color copy pages throughout the albums to ensure that one son didn’t have all the color copies. I wished I would’ve kept up on the scrapbooking. ☹ It was not only therapeutic it helped during a time when so much was changing in their lives as they were growing. It’s awesome to go back & look at those memories!

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