Meet Natalie & Amelia’s Family

Allison, Natalie Marie & Amelia Anne (7 months), Brian

Something fun we enjoy doing: We enjoy spending time with our family. We have a very close family (one of Brian’s brothers is married to my sister!), so we have the best Nana and Papa, a wonderful grandma, amazing Aunties and Uncles and the most fun cousins. We try to spend as much time with them as possible!

Favorite twin parenting memory: We have enjoyed watching our girls grow and develop, so it’s hard to pick a single memory that is our favorite. We definitely love the genuine smiles and giggles, though!

Favorite Hack/Tip: ​​My advice is to buy brand new as little as possible. If you can connect with another twin mom (or two) who has twins that are a little older than yours who can pass on their twins’ stuff (especially clothes), it will save a lot of money and time! Plus, adding a fellow twin mom to your support system and friend network is always a good idea!

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