Meet Olianna & Olivia

Olianna Daramola and Olivia Daramola Born March 24, 2015 in Atlanta

These beautiful baby models can be found @theunidenticalduo on Instagram and are definitely a ‘must follow’.  Their posts are all so sweet and one of my recent favorites said, ‘Little girls with big dreams become women with great vision.’  

Something fun we enjoy doing: Oliana loves to sing, dance, draw & color. Olivia loves to cook and listen & sing to nursery rhymes. I love to play dress up with them. 

Favorite twin parenting memory: The day they were placed in my arms…unexplainable moments!

Twin Advice: Never compare one twin to the other. They all have their different strengths and purposes

2 thoughts on “Meet Olianna & Olivia”

  1. Having twin babies is hard. When my husband and I first found out that we were having twins, my entire mind collapsed. I mean, we only expected one, having two babies at once seems to be a huge challenge back then. Today, we are happy that we got twin babies. I love my babies so much and will do anything to make them happy. It is challenging, sure, but that is just part of life, is it not? Life is about challenges.

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