Meet Peg & Tilly

Peg (8mo), Rosie (6), Dottie (3.5), and Tilly (8mo)

Maudi is the sister-in-law of one of my best friends. When Allyssa told me they were expecting twins I was immediately excited for them and also said a little prayer.  I couldn’t imagine carrying twins and keeping up with two girls, but she was amazing every step of the way! All 4 of these sweet girls are so lucky & loved.  My favorite pictures are the ones where Rosie and Dottie are each holding a twin. It’s like God knew they each needed a baby to look after. 

Something fun we enjoy doing: They love spending time together doing everything from playing games & watching movies to picking huckleberries, taking road trips and reading.
Favorite twin parenting memory: Her favorite moments still happen whenever each ‘Big’ get to hold a twin because she gets to hear the cooing and laughing as they enjoy each other. They love their sissies.
Favorite Hack/Tip: Keep a potty training toilet in the van at all times. With girls it’s not as easy to stop for pee breaks. But her favorite piece of baby gear is the interlocking rings. They allow you to attach anything to anywhere, no more dropping things out of the stroller, bike trailer or high chair! 

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