Meet @Shelby.and.the.twins

Paisley (3), Shelby (23), and Peyton (3)

I’m excited to introduce this sweet, adorable, and disney-loving trio. Plus you should definitely follow them on Instagram @shelby.and.the.twins! They are cute fashionistas from Canada and have been enjoying the snow this winter but seem to be looking forward to summer as well. 

Something fun we enjoy doing: We love everything Disney! I’ve taken the twins to Disneyland a few times now, and the smiles on their faces every time they see a princess or Mickey Mouse, makes this Disney obsessed mom so happy! We love watching Disney movies together once a week for a movie night. 

Favorite twin parenting memory: One of my favorite twin mom memories would be in the first couple days in the NICU when they were born. I had felt pretty proud of myself. It was day 2.5, I finally got a shower in (and it was glorious), I got to help bathe both twins for the first time (diapered and put on their first outfit ever). That’s when it happened, as we were sitting in a rocking chair together, Paisley threw up all over ALL of us. I wasn’t even aware tiny babies could throw up that much! I sat there laughing and crying at the same time, I’m pretty sure I’ll never forget that moment. I feel like it was the moment I realized how crazy and fun twins would be!

Favorite Hack/Tip: Twin tip, bring how many snacks you think you’ll need, and then triple it. Same goes for extra outfits in those first few months. There’s no such thing as too many snacks on an outing!

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