Meet the Camp Family

Hey there and Happy Sunday.  I am excited to introduce the Camp Family which you can find @heymace. This momma is fun to follow and you will love all their adorable pictures. But then if you are anything like me you will click on her ‘Cookies’ & ‘Maceycakes’ story highlights and will want to head straight to your own kitchen.  I love a momma that can bake. 

Hey! We are the Camp family aka The Happy Campers. Our IVF rainbow babes are River & Summit. We love to travel, dance, throw, destroy, cuddle, stack, vroom vroom, visit grandmia, and eat cookies for breakfast   Our schedule is perfection.  My #1 tip to twin mamas is to make a great schedule & stick to it! My second tip is to download Moana to your iPad and hang it up with a ziploc and a string in your car for long trips!

Thanks Camp family for participating on Sunday Spotlight and thanks for the tip for the Ziploc bag trick. I might have to try it out myself and add it as a tip to my road trip blog post, ‘Beep Beeps & Car Seats’!

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