Meet the Hauck Family

Do yourself a favor and check out @cambriairene. I love her bright and fun IG feed and her adorable twins. But once I read more about their story below I fell even more in love with this sweet family! They are a Disney loving, memory making, fresh air finding good time. Thanks Hauck family for participating in Sunday Spotlight. I will be forever grateful for your advice and can’t wait to start a ‘Ta-da’ list for those days where I feel like I’m not getting ‘enough’ done.  Sometimes those ta-das are more important than to-dos anyway. 

We are the Hauck family, I’m Cambria, my husband is Jeff and we have beautiful twin toddler girls, Vera + Ayva. We struggled with infertility for 5 years before we were led to doing IVF. We were so blessed to have it work our first round and were able to get pregnant with our miracle twins! We love DIY, dessert and Disneyland and are currently annual pass holders where we escape monthly to the happiest place on earth!


We LOVE being parents and feel so blessed to be living our dream of parenthood. Becoming parents has taught us so much about ourselves, each other, and life in general. I’ve learned that routines are my jam, which was a surprise to me, before having kids I looked at routines as restricting and lame. Oh how that has changed!!! Routines for my twins is crucial to having happy babies, having a housework routine helps me to stay sane and happy, having a meal routine keeps my husband from getting “hangry” lol, and having a set “me time” routine helps me to be the best wife and mom I can be. Along with routines, “to do” lists and “ta-da” lists help me to keep on track throughout my days. A to do list is of the things I want to accomplish in the day and the ta-da list is the magic list of things that got done along with all the little things that help me to feel accomplished that day (fed my girls a balanced lunch, played in the dirt, went on a walk, got ready, meal prepped, etc.) I’ve found that for myself it helps me to feel good and to feel like my efforts are acknowledge, especially when it’s undone in seconds with twin toddlers  it’s not to say I make these lists every day, but when I feel myself falling into being unmotivated, I will get my list out!


A game changer for me in motherhood and in pushing through those postpartum blues/insecurities is getting out of the house with my girls once a day. Whether it’s a walk, lunch on the lawn, grocery shopping, visiting grandma, playing with cousins, going to a park, taking dad a treat at work, etc. It doesn’t matter what it is, but when we get out of the house once a day we all stay our happier selves. Do we get out every day? No. And I notice on those days we all are a little more on edge and I make a mental note to get out of the house the next day! 


I love my life and love being a mom, with all its challenges and all its treasures. Each day is truly a gift, that’s why they call it the present! We love sharing our life, the ups and downs, the things that bring us joy, and the things we want to remember forever through YouTube (The Hauck Family,) Instagram (@cambriairene,) and tiktok (@cambriairene)!! 

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