Meet the Izzo Twins

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already December. I am particularly grateful to feature this beautiful family today. Ripley & Knox and their older siblings Andrew & Celia are not only adorable; their mother has such a beautiful message to share. Please check out her blog at  She shares uplifting and encouraging messages from times of struggle including becoming a widow with 2 children. In her ‘About Me’ section of her blog she wrote, ‘My journey is something I will never understand, however, through it all I continue to choose living-not existing- but LIVING, even when it’s hard.’  Follow them on Instagram @izzotwins to help stay abreast of any new posts and to get a few more adorable pictures & videos on your feed.


We are a family that thrives on adventure and new experiences and living with hearts full of love! We love to inspire and create lightness and hope in this crazy world. We are unique in that I became a widow at a young age, when my kiddos were just 2 and 4. Through my journey I met, and married Mark who adopted my two blessings! We went to maybe have that third child at age 40…and got blessed with a bonus baby! That identical twin ultrasound was quite a surprise and we had very different immediate responses! My husband was psyched, high five-ing the docs and I was curled in the corner hiding my face rocking back in forth in fear and bewilderment! It has turned out to be the best blessing! We always said they would either make us old or keep us young…. We are having a blast and these kiddos are definitely keeping us young! Life is fair in that it’s unfair to everyone at some time. I try to spread awareness to be kind always, and to go forward with bravery and love.

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