Meet The Johnson Quads

I’m really excited to introduce our first quadruplet family. You can follow them @Johnson.Final.Four on Instagram.  Besides, not only are the parents amazing; we couldn’t have a cuter or more festive picture on the last Sunday before Christmas.

Pictured above are Ava Lily, Olivia Violet, Zoey Renee (5), Madelyn Rose, and Victor Ray (Jr). The Quadruplets are coming up on 3, so these super parents know what they are talking about Read along for a few answers to fun questions. 


Favorite Family Activities: We enjoy watching movies and eating popcorn/snacks together.


Favorite Parenting Memory: When they all want to dog pile on you and give love. 


Favorite Hack: With 5 kid’s there is no such thing as “sorting” clothes when washing, EVERYTHING is the same color LOL.


Self-Care: I haveweekly Chiropractic appointments that come with a massage, I also get my hair
done by my brother every few weeks. 


Favorite Recipe: Spaghetti! On the days we have something messy they eat in their diapers so they don’tstain their clothes.


A Piece of Advice:Take time to breathe and gather your thoughts before you talk to your children
about something they did.


Best Interaction with a Stranger: When we took our first family trip to NM. We stopped at a restaurant and had a couple asking questions while we waited to be seated. Towards the end they came and told us how well-behaved our children were and how patient we were with them. They paid for our meals and told us what a great job we are doing, it was good to hear that from a stranger.

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