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We are starting May off with a Bang! I am so excited to feature Hostess City Mama. I have been following her for a long time. In fact, she was the one that gave me the idea for popsicles in the bath! Her twins are just a little older than mine, have adorable curly hair and occasionally sport coordinated outfits from Cecil & Lou! Following her brings all the warmth of the South right to my iPhone. Pictures of her baked good are guaranteed to make your mouth water and the rest of them will warm your heart. 

Hi! We are the Lane Family–Chris, Sara, Lara Kate and Buck Thomas. While it’s hard to believe, the twins will turn FOUR later this month! We live in Savannah, GA, where I was born and raised and we are so grateful to live near family. 

 We love spending time outdoors! We are very fortunate to live just a few minutes from Tybee Island and spend as much time at the beach as possible. The twins love to swim so we take advantage of that by spending summer days by the pool. The twins each have a family name. My great grandmother was Laura Catherine. I changed the spelling a bit to make it unique but it’s so funny how some of Lara Kate’s qualities remind me of my great grandmother. Lara Kate is independent, strong and very feminine. As for Buck Thomas, Buck is my maiden name and Thomas is also a family name and means “twin.” So many of Buck’s traits remind me of my father and grandfather. He is pretty laid back and go with the flow for the most part. He’s also very sensitive and compassionate.

I always joke that it takes my twins 10 years to get ready to go anywhere. A lot has to happen for everyone to be fully clothed and out the door. I’m not sure it’s considered a “hack” but one thing that has helped expedite this process is having extra sippy cups filled and ready to go in the fridge at all times. Same with snacks. I always have pre-packed snacks ready to go in a bag in the pantry. When we get home, I’m diligent about refilling so it’s ready for next time. My husband knows the drill which helps ensure someone grabs the “snack bag” before we leave the house.  

As a stay at home mom, I’m always looking for little breathers during the day. Sometimes we all just need a five-minute break to get us to nap time, right?!? A little trick I started doing last summer is popsicles in the bathtub. We will do this after coming in from outside play or anytime really. I put them in the bathtub, turn the water on and give them a popsicle. It’s like magic! They love it and it gives me a chance to take a 5-10 minute break. Besides, popsicles are messy anyway so containing them while they eat them makes clean up a breeze. I make this easy three ingredient popsicle recipe using popsicle molds.


Self care is almost non-existent these days but I really try to make it happen. My favorite thing to do is gather up some magazines, a favorite beverage (sometimes wine, sometimes hot tea), and enjoy a nice soaking bath with some epsom salt. I try to do this a few times a week, although it doesn’t always happen. 

Parenthood teaches me something new every day and I am by no means an expert. However, one piece of advice I would share with other twin parents is take some time to find your groove. My husband and I quickly identified the things that we are each really good at when it comes to the kids. It was really hard in the beginning but now that we have found our groove, it is much easier to tag team and divide and conquer. When I start to lose my patience with something related to the kids, he steps in to divert and distract. And I do the same for him. We’ve also found that we have to find a new groove with each stage. Just when you get things down pat, they are on to the next stage and you have to find that groove again! Never a dull moment!


Thanks for having us for the Sunday Spotlight! I hope to meet some new twin friends!

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