Meet the Meltzer Triplets

I am beyond excited to feature our first Triplet Family!  I know this blog is ‘Twin with Twins’ but my hat is off to parents of triplets or higher order multiples and it’s an honor to feature them too.  I can only imagine the level of multitasking it takes to get 3 babies out the door for a doctor’s appointment.  As a mother of triplets once told me, you have 2 hands and 2 boobs, it’s the third baby that makes it hard. So, without further ado, let’s introduce Stephen, Michaela and their triplets Ariella, Spencer & Elijah (21 years old).

Something fun we enjoy doing: We love traveling together. Being from Australia, my kids have travelled from a young age to visit family there.  My husband is Canadian

Favorite TRIPLET parenting memory: Wow lots of wonderful parenting memories and funny stories for sure. I used to love when the kids were two years old. I used to have help during the day and when she would leave around 6pm, I would take the kids in their wagon.  We had a wagon plus an attachment so it looked like a little train and I would walk every night to get my husband from work and back. All three sitting with their hats and sunglasses on, just watching the world go by as I would pull them there and back. There is something so simple and calmingly beautiful about that memory for me.

Favorite Hack/Tip: Meal prep is a must with multiples so every Sunday I sit and plan the meals for the week. Saves time and money as I know what to buy and what to make each night of the week. I am a firm believer too of teaching kids to clean up. My kids were putting their toys int heir toy box at 2. We made it a game and it grew from there


Please take a moment to check out this amazing mom on Instagram  She has started a blog and has also published her first children’s book on Amazon called Three Times the Fun. It touches on several themes including individuality, sibling rivalry, cooperation and family bonds. 

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