Meet the Martins

Kamille Martin wrote up such a beautiful introduction that we should just get right to it!

We are the Martin Family! We live in MEMPHIS, TN and we have a 3 year old little girl named Maddox and boy/girl twins named Gibson and McGuire! We love going on family trips – especially to the beach. We go on trips a lot and we pack the kids clothes in ziplock bags. 🙂

I love being a mom! It is truly my favorite thing ever. We don’t have twins that run in our family, so we were completely shocked when we found out! 

And here is her piece of advice, which I don’t believe we can hear enough…

Always remember to do something for you! Even if it’s 10 minutes of fresh air – it’s so needed!

Don’t miss following this family on Instagram @kamillemartin. Her profile is full of cute pictures and sweet messages. Plus, I guarantee you won’t want to miss Maddox’s angelic face as she hugs Santa this year. (The twins weren’t quite as impressed yet, lol). 

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